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vendor registration non gujarat

To consider outside Gujarat (regular) supplier as Gujarat based (regular) if they put up factory in Gujarat.

“All those manufacturers, who have required PQR and already qualified as Outside Gujarat (OG – Regular) party in GETCO, shall be considered regular Gujarat Based (GB – Regular) party provided they put up their manufacturing base in Gujarat with registration and Type Test documents as per GETCO’s qualification before the tender. The fresh registration and due inspection is essential for the factory at Gujarat. In case wherein one company is registering within the State for more than 2-3 locations, they will be allowed to quote from only one location in place of quoting from multiple locations. Moreover, they also have to do type test again after registration is done in the State in order to avail the benefit of Regular Gujarat based party. Also such company will be in its original name rather than a subsidiary company to avail benefits of Gujarat based company.”