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vendor registration Addendum


Vendor registration for foreign manufacturer – Addendum to present vendor registration policy

  • The Vendor Registration shall be given to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) only.
  • Factory inspection of original equipment manufacturer to be carried out either by GETCO Inspector or a Third Party Inspector as decided by GETCO.
  • The product shall have valid Type Test Reports as per the relevant standards of international level like IEC, IEEE and any standard of the country of origin equivalent to IEC. The reference list of equipment in service along with performance certificate is required to be furnished.
  • All other documents that are applicable for Vendor Registration like permission to manufacture / factory license / IEC standards and commercial requirements such as 3 years’ balance sheets, business volume, past experience of minimum 3 (three) years are required to be furnished..
  • For Vendor Registration, it is proposed to levy a non-refundable fee of US $ 5000 (Five thousand US Dollars) in favour of GETCO.
  • Such Vendor Registration shall be valid for 5 (five) years and the manufacturer has to apply 90 (ninety) days in advance before expiry of date of Registration for renewal.
  • Customer service centre for after sales service is must for such foreign vendors in India and proof is required to be shown and demonstrated for supply of spares.
  • Such vendor registration is not necessary for EPC Contract.
  • Once the registration is available, such vendors are allowed to participate in GETCO procurement tender as well as EPC tender through their traders / agents / associates / subsidiary firms . However, the vendor has to furnish the names of such traders / agents / associates / subsidiary firms at the time of Vendor Registration who can submit bids in their behalf .The change in name of traders / agents / associates / subsidiary firms is permitted with due permission from GETCO.
  • All the correspondence for Vendor Registration and documents must be in English language. If any document is in the language other than English, then the translated English version copy duly notarized shall be provided along with the Vendor Registration application.