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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Deposit Works under Option I, I(A), II & III

Additional Terms and Conditions for Option-I :

  • The estimate should be paid either as per option 1 or option 2 within one month from the date of issue of the estimate to the consumer. The estimate shall be paid at concern DISCOM office as per GETCO commercial circular no. 5 communicated vide let. no. GETCO/ACE(R&C)/Reg./1343 dtd. 5-11-2007. Immediately thereafter, concern DISCOM office shall raise credit IBA of GETCO’s amount crediting GETCO account (GETCO’s Company Code 29.995) under intimation to concern Executive Engineer (Const.), GETCO, Const. Division Office.
  • If the payment is not received within the time limit prescribed above, the estimate will be treated as invalid and application will be treated as cancelled.
  • The estimate is only approximate and the final bill would be prepared on the basis of the actual work carried out plus labour and supervision charges and other statutory / applicable charges as per prevailing norms.
  • Notwithstanding that full or portion of the cost has been paid by the applicant the entire infrastructure upto isolator at receiving end shall remain the property of the GETCO by whom it is to be maintained and hence the GETCO reserves the right to tap this line for giving power supply to any other consumer.
  • Irrespective of the options, the work at sending end sub station will be undertaken by GETCO only.
  • The way leave clearances for line work, crop compensations, legal issues/statutory permissions shall be arranged by the applicant at his cost. GETCO will not be responsible for delay, if any, on this account.
  • The applicant shall have to provide, install and maintain LA, incoming isolator & Circuit Breaker at his end. The breaker should be of suitable rupturing capacity, which shall be decided in consultation with concerned GETCO field office.
  • The applicant shall also have to install and maintain and outdoor type, oil cooled Current Transformers and Potential Transformer exclusively for tariff metering purpose. Detailed specifications of the same are appended as Annexure – II. The applicant shall proceed ahead for procurement action of Current Transformer and Potential Transformers only after receipt of written approval from DISCOM Corporate Office, Mehsana.
  • Reliable communication media at both the ends of the line shall be provided and maintained by the applicant in accordance with the Regulations.
  • The applicant shall bear the maintenance charges in accordance with the prevailing norms from time to time.
  • Operation & maintenance charges shall be payable for line, bay and communication as per GERC Notification.
  • The O&M expenses for transmission line and Bays shall be calculated by multiplying the number of bays and ckt-km of line length with the applicable norms for the O&M expenses per bay and per ckt-km respectively as notified by GERC from time to time and the same shall be payable by the applicant.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Option-II:

  • The detail plan layout, Single Line diagram and detail protection system alongwith its legend in respect of showing relevant details of equipments at applicant’s end proposed to be erected and commissioned must be submitted to GETCO Corporate Office for necessary approval.
  • The applicant shall have to submit type test report (not older than five years) of Government approved laboratory for the equipment / material proposed to be utilized for the work. However, GETCO may accept such report of manufacturer, provided the laboratory is recognized as R & D center by Government of India.
    • The applicant shall also submit the details of each equipment to be used on line and incoming bay at their end, with its rating and Acceptance Test certificates to GETCO Corporate Office for necessary approval before actual commissioning.
    • The equipments / material shall be procured from one of the regular and registered vendor of GETCO.
    • Execution of work for incoming bays at applicant’s end and transmission line shall also be got execution through GETCO’s regular and registered Contractor / Agency.
    • Before commencement of the work name of such vendor for supply of various items & works contract / agency has to be got approved from GETCO Corporate Office.
  • The arrangement made shall be subject to changes / variations as per directives of GERC / Electricity Act – 2003 or other statutory directives.
  • The total cost of ABT compliant metering system if required to be installed as per Regulations shall be payable by the applicant.
  • The erection work shall be carried out as per GETCO’s specifications under Supervision of GETCO. It will be the consumer’s responsibility to get the way leave clearances, payment of compensations etc.
  • All statutory clearances shall be obtained by the consumer.
  • The criminal and civil liability in case of accident during the execution of work shall lie entirely with the applicant.
  • On receipt of the details related to the actual work undertaken by the applicant, the bill will be finalized considering the Market Rate prevailing at the relevant time in accordance with the prevailing norms of GETCO.
  • If the consumer opts for option to carry out the work on their own, they will have to execute Agreement for the work which shall be carried out by them on Rupees One Hundred Non-Judicial Stamp Paper at the GETCO Corporate Office, Vadodara. Only after execution of this agreement and release order from the GETCO Corporate Office, Vadodara the connection should be released.