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State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) of Gujarat is situated in the premises of 132 KV Gotri Sub-station at Vadodara city.
It is nerve center for power grid of entire State of Gujarat. SLDC is responsible for healthy, efficient and economic operation of power system.
The objective of SLDC can be define in one line as “Managing Quality power most economically.”
As a part of the various functions, SLDC has to remain in contact with other utilities like GUVNL(Trading Co.), GSECL (Generating Co.), DISCOM’s (DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCL, PGVCL), AEC, SEC, IPP’s, CPP’s, Non-Conventional Generating Units and has to be conversant with the matters pertaining to concern utility for best result.
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system referred as SCADA is available at SLDC to get on line data of power system. System analog data such as MW, MVAR, KV and HZ and digital data such as breaker isolator ON or OFF status is available for all power stations, all 400 KV sub-stations and strategic 220 KV sub-stations. The various functions of SLDC are,
  • Maintain Grid Security
  • Quick Restoration of Grid to normalcy in case of disturbance
  • Maintaining quality of power in real time both in terms of frequency & voltage
  • Scheduling of drawls a
  • well as generation in most economic way
  • Demand forecast
  • Generation outage planning
  • Network outage planning
  • Contingency analyses
  • Generation scheduling on merit order
  • Power Indent from ISGS stations on merit order
  • Power purchase from IPP on merit order
  • Power purchase from CPP on merit order
  • Exchange of power with neighboring systems
  • Regulation of unscheduled export import WRT frequency in light of ABT
  • Maintain system discipline in line with IEGC
  • Demand side management
  • Black start after black out (cascading)
  • Data logging and reports
  • Processing Short Term Open Access Applications
  • Preparing Energy Accounting
  • Maintaining UI Pool Accounting
  • Selling of surplus power at competitive price.

Area Load Despatch Centre
Three Nos. of Area Load Despatch Centre (ALDC) are set up at Gandhinagar, Jambuva and Jetpur under Unified Load Despatch Centre scheme of Western Region. The functions of ALDC’s are,
  • Effective control and supervision of intra-state transmission system
  • Monitoring Discom drawals
  • Functional requirement of Discom Control Centre
VisionMissionCore Value
To Build, Operate and Maintain an efficient Power Transmission System

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